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     Meet Pastor Karen Dumey

Hunter Memorial First Presbyterian Church is under new leadership as Karen Dumey has been installed as the pastor.  Pastor Dumey was installed on March 20, 2022

She served in several other occupations, including a receptionist, human resources and social services before becoming a minister.  She worked as the Employment Department Manager for St. Patrick Center in St. Louis, working primarily with homeless Veterans.  "The profound faith that these individuals had in God moved me to really examine my own faith and what I was doing with my life.  While leaving a job I loved at St. Patrick Center was hard, entering seminary and becoming a minister is what I am to do in life." Pastor Dumey hopes to bring opportunities for residents to experience God in a relaxed, joyful way.  "While our Christian faith has its serious side, it should also have a fun side." Dumey said.  "Along with the congregation, we will be working on activities to serve our community in many ways, big and small."

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