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People who become members of Hunter Memorial in three ways:  1. Profession of Faith:  this is for those who have never publicly professed their faith and become a member of any church.  2:  Transfer of Letter:  This is for members of churchs, either Presbyterian or otherwise, who want to have their membership moved to Hunter Memorial.  3:  Reaffirmation of Faith:  This is for members of churches, either Presbyterian or otherwise, who cannot secure a certificate of membership or other evidence of membership.


In any of the above cases, the person makes known to the Session their desire to unite with the church at Hunter Memorial.  For youth, ages 10 - 13, who wish to profess their faith, there is a confirmation class where instruction in membership is given.  For youth age 14 and older and for adults who wish to either profess their faith or reaffirm their faith, there is an Adult Inquirer Class, which give instruction in membership at Hunter Memorial.  For those who wish to transfer their Church Letter to Hunter Memorial, the Session officially writes for their Church Letter.



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