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The Session

Elders and the Pastor make up the Session or the governing body of our church.  The ministry and mission of the congregation, including all programs and personnel, are the responsibility of the Session.


Elders are nominated by a committee and elected by the congregation.  They are elected to serve for three years in staggered classes, with three Elders retiring each year.


Members of the Session, chair the various committees, which carry out the business and ministry of the church.

These committee chairs are currently;


Administration and Finance - Richard Montgomery

Building and Grounds - David Potashnick

Mission - Cheryl Perry

Christian Education - Richard Howard

Worship Committee - Bobby Rushing

Pastor Care - Joe Carraway

Growth and Outreach -Cheryl Perry

Clerk of the Session - Tricia Carraway

Service and Fellowship - Joe Carraway

Moderator and Pastor - Pastor Karen Dumey


The Session meets monthly.

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